We try to be very objective about the grading of our manuals and if there is any doubt, we always grade down. If for any reason you are not satisfied, you may return the manual for a full refund (excluding postage and handling).

EXCELLENT   (E) - Almost like new. A manual that shows very little wear for it\s age.

VERY GOOD   (VG) - Obviously used but with no signs of excessive wear. Still solidly bound but may have small crease or bent corner.

GOOD   (G) - Has more signs of use. May have grease or fingerprints, writing, small tears or tape. Still intact but binding may be loose.

ACCEPTABLE   (A) - Shows signs of heavy wear. May have oil, grease, fingerprints, writing, water damage, or large tears in cover or pages. Pages or cover my be loose though it will be complete. I do not sell manuals with missing pages.
We Accept